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SLV Jogfors

“Meeting the young star violinist Alena Baeva in Beethoven's Violin Concerto was an unexpected change that left no one disappointed. A giant work, it seems simple, but that is exactly why it is so hard to play; yet Baeva’s interpretation gave it a new enchanting glow.”

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Lars H. Johnsson

“The young soloist, Alena Baeva, was an expressive, sparkling counterpoint to the dignified, calm Michail Jurowski. However, they developed a very fine interplay, with close and responsive cooperation. I have never heard this violin concerto played with such fine nuances and such low-voiced parts in the second movement, Larghetto. Baeva’s sounds was sheer, almost fragile, but it came through the orchestra.”

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Ricardo Hontanon, La Critica, Alto liston Sinfonico

"The centrepiece... was Tchaikovsky's Concerto... with as soloist the flamboyant Alena Baeva. The Russian violinist gave a flawless account... There were moments of great beauty, like the virtuosic force of the lovely first movement cadenza, with no resort to acrobatics, and she carried off without flaccidity the intimacy of the Canzoneta. Baeva, with her powerful technique as well as supple and flexible sound..." La Critica, Ricardo Hontanon, Alto Liston sinfonico, El Diario Montanes 26/08/2012

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Yuri Bashmet

"... - Alena is a wonderful violinist. As you know, all my life I've played with so many good and outstanding violinists and Alena, despite her youth, every time impresses me with her incredibly deep penetration into the music...

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Geoffrey Mogridge

«...Baeva is a deeply expressive interpreter; the intensity and melancholy of her opening of the concerto cushioned by the pulsating pianissimo strings set the tone for an impeccably balanced, rich and virtuosic performance»

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Cambridge Corn Exchange

..."Alena Baeva, already has a very considerable reputation; and if her performance of the Sibelius concerto was anything to go by, she should stay right at the top for many years to come..."

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"...Believing totally in the music, Alena Baeva has that special quality of being able to communicate the music so innately... Alena Baeva was an outstanding soloist in the Sibelius Concerto"

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William Ruff

..."Alena Baeva was the soloist in Sibelius' Violin Concerto, strikingly eloquent right from the work's dark, lonely and icy opening..."

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Irene Constantin

""...Baeva's music passion is tenderness... She plays with no pressure, very soft, without the gesture of the "big sound" and can thus develop in all shades of iron and accurate, balance her magical musical colors... most genuine Mendelssohn." (The link to the original article in German is here)

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Gramophone Magazine, Awards Issue 2008

"Alena Baeva is an impressive young violinist, who here with a Polish orchestra on a Polish label gives brilliant and compelling performance of the both Szymanowski violin concertos."

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